A collective of therapy advice, support and services for children, teenagers and young adults in Bromley

About the b-HIVE

The b-HIVE has been created by local health services and Bromley Council to pull together the range of therapies that support the communication development, physical skills and independence of children, teenagers and young adults in Bromley.
The guide incorporates a collective range of therapies, such as: emotional wellbeing and mental health; occupational therapy; physiotherapy; speech and language therapy; and special educational needs (SEN) advisory service.

The b-HIVE is shaped around six core areas of child development (the outer hexagons) which support the child (the inner hexagon).

Get started

Children develop skills in their own time but tend to follow the same path.

By understanding development milestones, your family can support and encourage your child as they grow, and know when to seek support.

Life skills and physical development

Children develop the skills to help them sit, walk, dress, eat and more at different rates throughout their childhood.

Speech, language and communication

Children learn the communication and language skills they need for life from birth and throughout their lives.

Behaviours, emotions and healthy minds

Children develop the skills they need for their emotional wellbeing and to foster their resilience from birth.

Vision and hearing impairments

Children can start to show vision and hearing challenges from birth or at other points in their life.

Learning, reading and education

Children develop the skills their ability to learn from birth and can read from early childhood.

Friends and healthy relationships

Children build healthy relationships from birth and develop friendships throughout their childhood.

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