Our coproduction approach

In Bromley we understand that not knowing how to help a child when they seem to be struggling in one or more areas of development can be worrying.

We have been listening to our children and young people, their parents and family members, and our school staff and healthcare professionals to find out how we can better support children, families and schools when they are concerned about a child’s development.

What did we learn?

The people we spoke to told us that when there were concerns about the development of a child:

It was not clear how to get support

It is difficult to learn about things that might help

Waiting times for therapy services are too long

What is our ambition?

In Bromley, we want to help children to develop the skills they need to succeed and learn at school, in their community and as the grow into adulthood.

To do this it is important that families, education and healthcare professionals, and others across the community work together. By working together in a different way, children can receive the support they need earlier and, in many cases, without the need for referral to a specialist service, such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

What will change?

We are making some changes to how we organise the support available, making sure that everyone involved with a child can play a role and that therapy services are supporting children with the most complex needs and difficulties.

We want to help parents feel empowered and feel confident in supporting their child. By providing better information and advice, our parents have told us that they will feel that are better able to help their child in the right way and in a way that helps their child throughout their life.

We hope that the changes we are making will help children get support quicker and in a way that they need.

What difference will it make?

Most children will benefit from universal and targeted level support as part of their day-to-day routine, supported by the people that know them best. Their needs can be supported early. Many will then not need to be referred to specialist services.

For children with the most complex needs, they will receive the support they need at Specialist level. They will get the help they need quickly while also benefiting from support at universal and targeted levels also.

We hope that organising services in this way will help children get what they need quickly, allow teachers and families to get expert advice where needed and reduce waiting lists for specialist therapy services.

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