Babies, infants and pre-schoolers

Creative activities and play help toddlers explore and express emotions, develop imagination, and practise social skills.

We’ve provided a range of simple and fun child development activities to try at home:

Creative play tips

The Toddler Club chatted to speech and language therapist Francesca all about how you can help your child get the most out of their creative play.

Language skills

Tiny Happy People will help you develop your child’s language skills with simple activities and play ideas. Also, find out about babies and toddlers’ amazing early development.

The Baby and Toddler Club

Activities and ideas to help your child’s development.

The importance of play

Play takes all sorts of forms, from messy play and sensory play to outdoor play and pretend play. Play is a key part of children’s early development. Explore baby and toddler play advice.

Early Language Development

Information and tips

Children learn to talk though hearing and seeing others, and this starts very early, even before birth.

As with all areas of children’s development we have typical milestones for children when they are learning to talk.

Usually children’s understanding develops before their talking, so we expect young children to be able to understand more than they can say.

Tips and advice

We have provided a range of different tips, advice and sources of information that we know can help into different age ranges.

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