Speech, language and communication

Additional help, support and advice for those children who need it

Some children who have additional needs need more support than their peers. This is often provided in their school or pre-school setting. Families provide an essential role in supporting their child as part of this collective of support.

Videos to learn more

These videos have been made by Bromley Healthcare for parents and professionals across Bromley.

Stammering training

For parents

Stammering training

For professionals

Speech disorders

Selective mutism

Active listening and barrier games

Word finding and memory difficulties

Support in education settings

Schools and pre-school settings will use the borough’s speech, language and communication toolkit with information and resources related to SLCN.

SLCN toolkit

The SLCN toolkit gives professionals a strong knowledge base and the confidence to identify and support all pupils with SLCN. It is also useful for parents to read through and understand.

SLCN padlet

Additional support is available on the Communication Champions SLCN Padlet which provides advice on specific topics and useful resources along with parent guidance and support.

Who to talk to

If you are worried about your child’s speech and language, you can:

Talk to your child’s pre-school or school SENCO

Talk to your child’s health visitor, GP, pre-school or school

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